Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Celine Marchi - Artist in residence.

This time a third carving into the eziKut plastic and printing in a variety of colours has given even more depth and information to the print.

Celine marchi - Artist in Residence.

By carving a second time into the 'chicken' eziKut plate then overprinting with a range of new colours the detail and colour range can be controlled.

Celine Marchi - artist in residence

Celine has made her first carving onto an A5 piece of eziKut plastic then printed 30 or so prints in a variety of colours.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Celine our French Cheff.

Mmmmmmmmmm  Celine's French crepe, desert style.  Chocolate sauce with exotic spices!

Celine our French cheff!

Celine the French cook!
Celine was showing off her skill at making a batch of French crepes. First the savory kind, with an egg on top!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Anais Bernard - France. 'Artist in residence'

 Here's a herd of bulls.
 Anais works on binding the instruction booklets for the Homeprint A4 relief printing press.
Another herd of bulls.
The eziKut plastic printing plate was carved and printed to display the qualities of line possible using the High grade carving tools. Here you can see a print, a ghost print and the trimmed printing plate in Anais's hand.

Anais Bernard - France 'Artist in Residence'

The trip to Tangimoana resulted in this lovely rendition of the features of this magical place. Smoked kahawai backbone is always a favourite and Anais has illustrated the technique beautifully.
This Journal started off as a slim book with empty pages. After Anais has worked on it with her art works, clippings, attatchments, drawings, diagrams, notes, poems and text it needed some repair! Now strengthened with a dark blue vinyl spine.
Reductive carving and printing displayed in this impressive collage.

Carving techniques explained in this landscape page using eziKut print plate.