Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book box 'Christchurch'

Amy Gagnon is from Maine in USA. She is WWOOFing with us at the moment and is painting the 6 box dies red.

Book box 'Christchurch'

By carefully opening the book out from the box form you can read the contents easily. Lift the shrouds one by one and you will see the photographs of the aftermath of the
earthquake ravaged city. The little handful of broken tiles may be lifted out and placed on the unprinted page. The title page has been hand written and gives details on this particular artist book. A book box called 'Christchurch.'

Book box 'Christchurch'

Peel back the pages and look into the contents of the book. The uncovered photos are easy to see, the little pile of torn and smashed timber is easy to see, the shrouded photos need more investigation.

Book box 'Christchurch'

Lift the lid of the box a little way and peek into the box.

Book box 'Christchurch'

The coloured photographs have been sorced using google images and printed by my hp inkjet 5550 printer.

Book box 'Christchurch'

The title 'Christchurch' has been letterpress printed using a 36 point font similar to the lead type from the Homeprint collection, 'Christchurch'. This bold type reminds me of the roundness of the stone used in the old buildings of Christchurch.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jan's binding.

A special book for the Mayors office in Palmerston North needed attention. Jan (Yinghua Jiang)made a beautiful job of rebinding the sections to the covers. While Jan had the chance at the homeprint Studio she made a 26 section journal using coptic stitch, and blocking the book cloth on the spine with some brass type she selected from the collection.

Jan and her family leave for Christchurch

Jan with her husband Ronnie,her daughter Catriona and her Mum. Time for a break in a safe haven. For the last two weeks they have been with a friend in Palmerston North, a friend in Napier and then stayed with us for 5 days. The Christchurch earthquake left their house with out power, phone, water or sewer for over 2 weeks. There was some damage to their house but has not been assessed yet. Jans wonderful studio in the Historic stone build in the centre of the CBD was hit hard. Canterbury Arts Centre. Jan was lucky to come out of her studio safely. The building crumbled around her. Gear was tipped over, smashed and materials for bookbinding such as her paper and card stocks were sprayed with water from the sprinklers. Jan was soaked as well. She was very glad to find her family safe when they managed to get back together.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gary Whiting - inkjet print

'Atatuu 1' is an A4 inkjet print created by Gary Whiting. Theme using a Manawatu landscape and native flounder.