Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Efrain Villalobos. Junior Artist in Residence.

By using two rollers and two colours the lino cut can produce awesome results.

Efrain Villalobos. Junior Artist in Residence.

26 relief lino prints for postcards.

Efrain Villalobos. Junior Artist in Residence.

Three colour lino print (Efrain's favourite) ready for letterpress printing on the reverse as a 'real' postcard!

Efrain and Ben Villalobos. Junior Artists in Residence.

Look at these. Efrain's and Ben's first big fish, caught off the Tangimoana Beach, surfcasting with John and Allison. We caught 7 fish averaging 60 cm long, 2 kilos each in 45 minutes using fresh pilchard bait.

Elizabeth Plumbridge - artist in residence.

Solarplate intaglio. Test plate.

Elizabeth Plumbridge - artist in residence.

Elizabeth Plumbridge - artist in residence.

The art work has been created using drawing with pencil, collage of image and text and painting with Magic Color. The next step is to prepare the plate with 105 seconds aquatint screen of UV light. Followed by printing a positive transparency on the Hewlett Packard ink jet printer. The art work to be exposed for 90 seconds under UV.
One minute wash out, dry, 15 minutes UV to harden,then print.

Elizabeth Plumbridge - artist in residence.

Elizabeth has made a solarplate intaglio from a collage and printed a postitive transparency. Now she is spreading the Akua ink with cardboard into the image before wiping back with newsprint.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gary Whiting inkjet print

This inkjet print by Gary Whiting is called Ptutrack 01.

Gary Whiting - inkjet print

Kete whiro 01 is the name of this inkjet print by Gary Whiting.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wall of prints.

Kathrin carved 4 images on MDF and lino. These were inked up in different colours and printed out using the yellowXpress 5000. As you can see from the photo, Kathrin had trouble stopping. ( that's wonderful- we never run out of paper in the Homeprint Studio) My technique is choose the best one from each of the carvings and withdraw them from the edition. It is best to sign and date them at this stage so you have a record of the first cut. The remaining prints, the bulk of them, will be over printed with at least one more colour after the second carving. Reductive or subtractive carving.

Kathrin Knapp, artist in residence.

Kathrin stepped in the door of Homeprint Studio and started carving. So many ideas to try out. Here Kathrin is carving with the carving tools I import from JAPAN. First step is to draw a large simple outline of the image onto MDF or lino. Then carve the outline with my custom made 'V' tool. Using the Homeprint A3 hydraulic yellowXpress printing press Katherine is printing 5 or 6 copies in each chosen colour onto white and coloured paper. Next step is to carve more detail and even new information into the carvings then I will show Kathrin how to over print with the 2nd colour.

Loyal Manchester Lodge

Now doesn't the talk of Gutenberg and old wood type get people going! I give a quick talk and demonstration of where movable type came from and then show how to select the letters for the word and place them in a special way. 7 years for a full apprenticeship, I will show in the 7 minute version! Roll out the water based ink on the diagonal, lay on the paper, place on the bed of the 180 year old Imperial Press, swing down the tympan and frisket, turn the handle, pull the lever, open, peel back the print, WOW!

Dry Point Stylus from Homeprint.

My latest product. Dry point stylus from Homeprint, 100 mm, sharp, hard, 5mm shaft, easy to grip and engrave into perspex, plastic or metal surfaces. The field testing I undertook proved that both teenage and adult printmakers preferred my stylus compared to 5 other commercial stylus that were tested at the same time. My stylus is the cheapest too!