Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Isabelle Veilleux

These journals are the A5 but a bit larger ones with 160 pages. Isabelle followed on from the work Sam was doing in sewing in a variety of endpapers then making hard cases for them. Isabelle also completed valuable set of photos of the wide variety of binding materials for our records.

Isabelle Veilleux from Quebec, Canada.

Isabelle Veilleux came as a WWOOFer but as she is a fabric artist from Quebec became an 'artist in residence'. Isabelle is having a look at some of our 'artist books' while sharing a special food treat from her home town. Lemon cake. Very nice!       www.macour.wordpress.com

Sam Link from Minneapolis.

Sam spent time sewing the 10 sections of 4 folded leaves together. The paper is 'Eden Grove Laid' 90 gsm with a lovely crown watermark. In my research I find the paper mill where this paper was made is in Scotland. It started its life as a tannery in 1822 then converted to a paper mill about 1858. The mill has been closed down for 10 years but has been restored as a working papermaking museum.

Feilding Intermediate 'Give it a go' programme.

Boys concentrate on the fine sections of their MDF carvings. The tools are very sharp ( I import them from Japan. There are 9 different blades in the series). I emphasise the need to keep both hands on the handle or a least behind the blade!

Feilding Intermediate School 'Give it a go' programme.

The students have completed their first cut and now ink up their first colour to print 5 copies of their carving. Pick up and roll is the instruction for the inking.

Feilding Intermediate School 'Give it a go' programme'.

The set of Journals have been just 'cased in', top and tail before pressure is applied.
On the front cover you can see the impression that has been created with heavy lead type. The case is impressed 'BINDI' with the type on the Hunters Proof Press (100 year old stereo proofing press). The students have learned how to set the type in the correct way to achieve a great result.

Feilding Intermediate School with their 'Give it a go' programme.

The set of 12 freshly 'cased in' journals are placed top and tail under a clean flat board covered with some heavy weights. The books are best left like this overnight before anyone opens the Journal. As the glue dries fully the strength of the construction increases and  after some hours under pressure the book will open right out and be very strong. ( I let the students take their Journals with them and they promise to put them under a stack of books overnight before 'opening' them in the morning.)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sam Link from Minneapolis, USA

Sam Link was very keen to learn about letterpress printing and bookbinding. She was very careful in the folding and sewing stage of the 2 different journals I am making at the moment. I chose a wide range of papers and cards suitable as end papers in the journals to give each one a special 'look'.  We made about 20 x  160 page A5 Journals and about 20 x 100 page 160mm square Journals.  Some of these are leather bound and the rest a range of bookbinding materials. Sam prepared this special home town meal for us.

Amy Kern 'artist in residence' from New York

Amy Kern is carving the third cut on the lino for her 'little house' print. During her 4 days here at Homeprint Amy worked like crazy to complete a wonderful set of images using a variety of mediums. Letterpress card with border, three colour lino print, relief solarplate using a drawing on ground glass, intaglio print from a painting on ground glass and sewing and 'casing in' a number of journals for me and one for herself. 'Blue Tape Design' is Amy's great blog, worth a look.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hide Journals from Homeprint

This hide journal has 160 pages of Eden Grove Laid paper, 90 gsm, 10 sections and 2 flax end papers hand sewn with Coates barbour .
The hide (men's boot grade)  is from the Tasman Tannery, Wanganui. I have blocked the word 'Journal' in silver foil. The natural skin has a tanning mark on the edge that I have featured.

Homeprint Hide Journals

This hide note book was made by Debra. She sewed the 10 sections, sewed the flax end papers, trimmed the shape of  hide and chose the dome closure. I made an impression in the leather using a piece of lead ornament from the letterpress collection.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Riverdale School Book Making group

The students have folded their chosen end paper (card), folded with bamboo folder, now gluing onto the front and back of the section. Pressure is applied by pressing down while leaning over the pages and pushing with the heel of your hand.

Riverdale School Book Making group

'Here is my sewing.' The knot is tied in the middle and you can bend the pages to have the knot showing on the inside or hidden on the spine.

Riverdale School Book Making Group

The students were set the task of folding their paper with a bamboo folder. This gives a sharp strong edge on the spine. After folding, 12 sheets are tucked into each other,  that becomes a section. The section is then drilled with a brad awl 3 times and the pages sewn and tied in the middle.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chloe and Ellie clean and sort lead type ornament.

Ellie Keats and Chloe Dickinson (WWOOFers from Vermont, USA) out in the sun cleaning and sorting a tray of mixed ornaments. The next step is to add them to the collection of ornaments held in the Homeprint Collection then make space available for the new ones discovered. Finally some research is required to hunt through the old type catalogues to see if we can identify the ornament and give them names.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Organic gardening students visit Homeprint

Allison crouches down to show the benefit of raised garden beds. Shelter while seedlings are small, retention of moisture, ease of care, vigorous growth, very little weeding required. Toby is the tutor for this Level 3 NZCA certificate in organic gardening.

organic garden students

            The second group of organic garden students have just been looking a the 6 compost bins.

Organic garden student visit to Homeprint

                                 Organic garden students gather around Allison's circular herb bed.

Organic Garden Students visit Homeprint

                    Allison talks about the simple organic methods she uses in her organic vege garden.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hannah and Louise Owens

Sophie Colman's Art Party


         Girls pull poster prints from the imperial press.

                                         Sophie point to her print.


                                                            Selecting wood type.                       

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Raymond and Melissa from USA

Melissa and Ray stand in front of the shadow board they created for Allisons gardening tools.A lovely touch was the pouring tea pot from Allison's collection of teapots. These tea pots remind Allison of her Mum, Eva.
Melissa and Ray create a wonderful meal typical from their home town in USA
 Melissa feeds feijoa branches into the Gloria mulcher. A bucket of mulch nearly filled up ready to be spread out under the trees.
 Ray has the tough job of sawing down the last of the 15 year old kowhai tree. The tree was growing roots into the organic vege garden and shading the fruit trees in the orchard.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taupo Intermediate

 Inked up type set in a galley, kept in rows using furniture and tightened with 2 cast iron quoins (wedges)   Inking carefully with diagonal strokes across the wood type.
Selecting wood letters from the tray. In this font I have3  trays the same size with both upper and lower case.
                                                These are the names for all my pets.
 Ayshia, Ellie, Bree and Rox.
 Pumping the handle on the yellowXpress 5000 hydraulic press.
 Someone has a birthday coming up!
 Prints hanging on the line to dry.
By squeezing the wood type in from the ends, provides some tension and the letters print evenly.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taupo Intermediate School Art Room

Hannah and Louise

A few of the images Hannah and Louise created in their first letterpress workshop.

Hannah and Louise Owens

Hannah and Lousie Owens pull their first prints from the Imperial Press. By using a wide range of stereo blocks and choosing from 20 or so wood type fonts, the girls had a blast. At least 20 settings/printings completed in the workshop.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hillary Kelly - WWOOFer

Hillary Kelly, a WWOOFer from Ohio, carefully cuts the sleeve and after fitting it over the stylus holds the stylus up to the camera.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Alejandro starts veranda

Alejandro spending a week at Homeprint to help me with a serious improvement to the deck/covered yard/storage situation. The open decking with fence and lean-to shelter for storage is well past its used by date! First the careful removal of the structure was required then the repair to the wall of the house. Last step is to design and build a new covered veranda so I can keep my circular saw, work bench etc out of the weather but away from the back door to the studio. Here Alejandro is measuring the beams for the roof.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

UCOL Students' Book Binding Visit

Paul Gummer has been bringing his students to Homeprint for 12 years now. I was impressed with the students  interest in our environment and their practice of taking photos. One student, Johanna posted me an original thank you card and a disc of photos taken on the day as a gift.

Paul Gummer and students

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sun set at Tangimoana

Allison fishing at Tangimoana with Hannah learning.

Liz Neale, Irene Mason 'artists in residence'

Liz and Irene keep on rolling out new colours and experiment with mixing the Akua Intaglio/ relief ink.

Liz Neale, Irene Mason 'artists in residence'

Liz Neale has hung her sets of lino prints out to dry.

Liz Neale, Irene Mason 'artists in residence'

Irene Mason has hung her set of monarch butterfly prints to dry.