Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kirsten Browne Graphic Designer and her family.

 Tui and Neve arrange their woodtype.
 Chalenge Accepted
Cocoa, Snoopy and Lupe. Animals from the farm.

Homeschool Group from Manawatu and Horowhenua.

 Lets get stuck in and find some letters.
 After printing the print, pull out the bed, lift off the blanket and peel off the letterpress print like a trap door.
 Little members of the Homeschoolers keep themselves amused, eating.
 Mum and son check the spelling.

 I think the letter I need is over here.
 Team effort.
 This looks like fun. Spin the wheel and see what happens!
 Maia and Jamie print a large poster.
So many lovely letterpress posters hanging on the line.

Te Rangimarie, handmade Journal from Homeprint

The Journal is open to show off the flax end paper and the watermarked, Eden Grove 90gsm, historic paper that has been is hand sewn by John Brebner in 5 sections of 5 leaves.

Te Rangimarie, handmade Journal from Homeprint.

Te Rangimarie Hazel Rose Manawa-Roa Jellyman-Kendrick now has a 100 page Journal, hand sewn, bound in leather and gold blocked with her name. A wonderful gift from her grandmother.

Allison Brebner gardener.

Brebner Cottage winter  garden at Homeprint. The raised beds have proved successful in providing shelter as the seeds and seedlings become established and easier to manage as Allison does not have to bend down so far.

Josiene and Ronald van Maarseveen.

Ronald stayed during the 4 hours workshop to help support Josiene in her special project.

Josiene van Maarseveen Fashion Designer

The sample book proves useful in making sure the final result is achieved in the A3 version.

Josiene van Maarseveen Fashion Designer from UCOL Wanganui

The A5 sample display book with the completed A3 book. Should hold 30 to 50 pages for presenting the years work.

Dajana Kruger, WWOOFer and soon to be letterpress printer.

What a lovely meal Dajana made for us. The best German food with some homemade bread from the Panasonic breadmaker!

Dajana letterpress printer

A creation of assembled photos as a tribute to Allison's fabulous garden. Dajana is a trained florist from Germany and her talent in using found objects is clear in this hanging sculpture.

Dajana letterpress printer

This set of photos have been taken by Dajana during the Homeprint experience and printed out on a local photo booth.

Dajana letterpress printer

Using a set of magnets and very careful positioning, Dajana has placed the wood type in a circle ready to print.


Cleaning moss and lichen off the apple trees takes patience and care. This red apple is a heritage tree at least 100 years old and still bears great crop of sweet juicy fruit.

Dajana creative letterpress printer

'Can we do that every day!' another poster by Dajana.

Dajana creative letterpress printer

Dajana experimented with setting type in a couple of circles. "What goes around, comes around.'