Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brebner Cottage hosts farewell party for Darakshan.

The family slow roast was delicious. Slow roasted chicken, home grown lamb roast and lamb rack, roast parsnips, roast potatoes, steamed beans and broccoli from Allison's garden, fresh mint sauce from Monique (neighbour).

from the left
Allison, Tony Marino, Meg Gatland, Darakshan, Debra, Russell and the two boys Leo and Andi just out of shot.

Leo Brebner helps to gut the fish.

The yellow eyed mullet were very sweet after gentle cooking for the WWOOFers tea. Leo enjoyed his fresh fish, and is keen to come out with his grandparents on the next fishing trip. 

Darakshan from Los Angeles. Software developer.

Darakshan stands beside a line of posters he has just created using the wood letters from the Homeprint collection.

Tony Marino and Meg Gatland from UK

Meg and Tony follow Allisons instructions on how to roll up their own sushi.

Meg and Tony artists in residence. UK

 The fabric for the handmade books was chosen from the opportunity shop.
 Meg covered one of her hand sewn books with the map of the region Manawatu. Tony used a grey print from one of his woodcuts.
 Block carving, step two, of the tree line by Tony.

BAT light. Homeprint Studio.

I rushed out to buy a BAT light that is rechargeable with 80 led's and casts a white light over the lino carving for me to check the ink application. I am looking for even distribution, no dust particles and no little pieces of ink skin. Because it is adjustable, low to the table and has a broad beam, was ideal for the series of 80 or so A1 lino prints.

Tony Marino and Meg Gatland WWOOFers

 Tony and Meg slide the carry board with the inked up lino carving into the yellowXpress 10000
 Here is an A3 print from Cliff Whitings carving of Pikea.
 Careful placement of the Magnani 310gsm, dampened paper.
Eco Resista Black ink carefully rolled out by John to apply an even coating of ink to the lino cut.

Tony Marino and Meg Gatland. WWOOFers from Southhampton.

Famous British pudding created by Tony and Meg as part of our last meal together.
Jelly, evaporated milk and melted chocolate.

Nadege Brunet

 Nadege made a letterpress poster of the countries she has WWOOFed in so far on her trip around the world.
 The bench hook needs to be used carefully to allow for accurate wood carving and protection of your fingers.
 The MDF printing plate looks surreal after many colours have been rolled and printed. The plate is at the third carving (subtractive) stage.
 'To see the world' poster.
 Three colour print. 'The tree of life'.
 2 colour print of the 'tree of life'.
Set of prints drying.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nadege Brunet has the ink plate singing.

These waterbased inks are made at 5 Star in Christchurch. The colours are bright, roll out and mix easily and dry quickly. Nadege a wwoofer from France has enjoyed rolling out the colour and found some new combinations. (artist-in-residence) I think.

Nadege Brunet with French meal.

Nadege prepared a beautiful French meal on her last day at Homeprint. She was heading for Wellington and keen to continue her interest and new found ability in the arts. (printmaking)

Letterpress by Leo Brebner

Leo was very keen on the phrase 'Don't copy me'. He chose an image from the large stereo block collection for his illustration. At 4 and a half he is very capable of finding all the letters and placing them in position.

Laser Cut wood type

Large laser cut wood type. Part of a full font.

Weaving Panel

Another weaving panel from the laser.

Laser Panel

These panels have been designed by Marty and cut on the laser for the Maori Weaving Group.

WRCP Bookbinding 'backing presses'.

These backing presses are used by members of the WRCP bookbinding classes run by Marilyn Vreede in Whanganui.

Marty Vreede, Master Printmaker

Marty sets the sheet on the Laser cutter. This wonderful laser was part of Marty's prize as Priminister's Tertiary teacher of the year.