Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lara Worcester and Ian Parkes - WWOOFers

Ian Parks lino print from softcut lino, printed on black paper with the yellowXpress 5000 relief printing press.

Lara Worcester and Ian Parks - WWOOFer

Lara carved and printed these 2 images on softcut lino and printed them on a yellowXpress 5000 printing press. Lara is from Vermont and travels, with her husband Ian, around the world with their worldly goods in 2 back packs.
Each day their aim is to write articles for their blogs. Lara's blog is concerning sexual health and safety.
Ians blog deals with travel and issues that he observes in his travels.

Lara Worcester and Ian Parks - WWOOFers

Ian and Lara enjoy the mid day sun while painting the last coat of paint on the Homeprint Studio. Work in progress.

Lara Worcester and Ian Parks - WWOOFers

Lara, Allison and Ian admire the special vegetarian meal that ian and Lara have prepared on their last day at Homeprint. A feature was a beetroot salad.