Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catalonia's best meal.

Wow! A feast from Barcelona. Toast with olive oil and rubbed with tomato, potato/egg pancake and what a wonderful pumpkin soup. (enough for three more meals for Allison and I)

Bel's Creations.

The title is blind embossed into the case with heavy, lead, handset type and pressed with the Hunters Proof Press. (circa 1900)

Maria's first Journal.

'Thoughts and ideas'. Maria's first hardback Journal.

Bel and Maria from Barcelona.

Maria experimented and knitted furiously to complete two warm colourful hats to keep heads warm in winter. Within the next few weeks, the South Island is the next destination, woolly hats a good idea!

Sarah Tullett and Wayne Morris help with a WWOOFing chore!

Sarah Tullett and Wayne Morris (from New Plymouth) help Maria and Bel fit the plastic sleeves to the Homeprint dry point stylus.

Bel and Maria from Barcelona

Bel and Maria stand in George Street, Palmerston North, in front of the Woman's Art Initiative display of hand printed (wood type) tea towels.

Bel and Maria from Barcelona

Bel and Maria pose in front of the Anderson Street flat after cleaning up the overgrowth and sweeping autumn leaves (3 wool packs full!)