Thursday, November 28, 2013

Homeprint workshops at Central Normal

The middle school students were so focussed on the task at hand. It was great to work with students so ready to try a new skill and explore the possibilities using a 2 colour pencil carving technique that I teach. There were 4 classes of around 25 students with their teacher as an able assistant.

Cliff Whiting's Book Launch

Special waiata for Cliff at the book launch in Bruce Mackenzies Book Shop.

Cliff Whiting's Book Launch

Photos of  Cliff and the important people at the book launch in Bruce Mackenzie Book Shop, Palmerston North.

Cliff Whiting's Book Launch

Great kai, great music, great company at Gary and Vicky's home.

Cliff Whiting's Book Launch

Rocking at the book launch party.

Cliff Whiting's Book Launch

Cliff entertains at the book launch party at Gary and Vicky Whiting's home.

Coach House Museum - Feilding

Kevin and Celine with a selection of the experimental printing they completed for the Coach House.

Coach House Museum - Feilding

Here are the actual lino carvings Kevin and Celine carved for the Museum's promotion.

Coach House Museum - Feilding

Some of the range of lino prints made by Kevin and Celine for the Coach House Museum.

Manawatu Funeral Directors Conference.

Line of prints.

Manawatu Funeral Directors Conference.

Demo time.

Manawatu Funeral Directors Conference

Butler family setting ready to be printed. Black and red print will be the result.

Manawatu Funeral Directors Conference.

Watching as a mighty fine print is pulled off the press.

Manawatu Funeral Directors Conference.

Time to demonstrate inking up of the woodtype.

Celine and Kevin WWOOfers from France

Kevin becomes the photographer on demand, taking shots of action during the visit by the Regional Funeral Home Staff on their 'Hands On Tour'

Celine and Kevin WWOOFers from France.

Kevin holds up framed print of a mythological fish.

Celine Viannais and Kevin Hammer WWOOFers from France.

Kevin proved to be an excellent lino carver. Celine with her Degree in Illustration from Art School in Montpellier, loved drawing up a wide range of images suitable for Kevin to carve and both to print.

Celine and Kevin WWOOFers from France.

Celine holds up her fox lino cut printed on red felted stock. Kevin in the background sorting out his best print to show.

Korbinian Bielmeier and Stephanie Moser WWOOFers from Germany.

Korbi shows off 3 posters from his run on the Imperial Flat bed press.

Older and Bolder from Taihape

Now lets just have a good look at this old woodtype. I wonder if we can find the letters to make up our name?

Korbi and Stephanie WWOOFers from Germany.

Stephanie has just pulled a print from the Imperial Flat Bed Press.

Korbi and Stephanie with their poster layout.

These days I am using the little magnets more and more to hold the stereo blocks, and woodtype in place. The magnets have a good positive hold onto the metal galley. This is the poster inked up ready to print.

Korbi and Stephanie WWOOFers from Germany

What an exciting afternoon of fishing!  Korbi lands a nice yellow bellied flounder and 2 fat herring. I manage to land a 2 kg kahawai and Stephanie is given 2 little sprats out of the white bait fishermans net. Fresh fish for tea!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leo's redecorated bird house.

With careful choice of colours Leo produced this dynamic painting on the repaired roof of the bird house. Lets see if any birds choose to nest in it!

Pippins Feilding

 The Pippins quickly settled into their stride, finding the big wood letters to make up their name and printing copies on the Flat Bed Imperial Press.

Here's a little gift given to me at the end of the 1 hour 20 minute letterpress workshop.

Don Pybus - new greetings cards

Don has worked with this method of card making for many years. He is an expert at using the variety of colour tone, usually printing 4 or 5 copies before re-inking. Then matching the colours from the inking of his carving to the backgrounds.

Cliff Whiting - new book

The lino carving for the cover of Cliff's new book. The book is written by Ian Christensen and covers the life and times of Cliff.
Cliff was raised in Te Kaha and went on to have a significant and unique roll in researching, developing and collaborating in producing new indigenous Maori art for Marae,  Te Papa and the peoples of New Zealand.