Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ke Jingwei and Marcus Chan, from Singapore - Bookbinding

 Jay makes sewing holes in the endpapers using a brad awl.
Marcus is sewing the sections for the address books or Journals.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Making Cases for Photo Journals.

Paul Gummer's class of 5 year 3 students from UCOL, Palmerston North having the annual bookbinding day at Homeprint. Paul has been bringing talented students for 12 years. Heather is measuring bookcloth to fit around the boards.
 Tucking in the ends before folding over.
Heather is painting the bookbinding glue  (CVA) with a stabbing action.
 Turning the case.

 Glueing and folding down the head and tail. Paul Gummer guiding Victoria.
Completed case with board spine alowing for the thickness of the pages to be used in the final project.
A speciality of this class is the next step where heavy lead or wood type is chosen to create a title or feature for the journal. John sets up the Hunters proof press for the students and guides them through first a sample print and then a firm blind emboss onto the outside of their Journal cases.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Luke Brabants - Mural Artist - WWOOFer - Hastings, England.

Luke used his watercolour paints to design and paint this A2 mural about women.

Luke Brabants - WWOOFer Hastings, England,

Close up of a fantail print.

Luke Brabants - WWOOFer from Hastings, England.

These three colour  reductive lino prints are Lukes first prints using this method.

Luke Brabants - WWOOFer from Hastings, England

The Drastik Productions  N.Z is Lukes first hard case Journal. The blind embossing was completed on the Hunters proof press and Luke cased in the 10 sections of 200 pages to complete his first handmade Journal.

Luke Brabants - WWOOfer from Hastings, England.

Luke cuts paper, with strong box cutter, down to working size. The paper is very old stock from the Pahiatua Times Newspaper office and will be used  for end papers and general art class painting for kids.