Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Relief printing with Don Pybus

Don Pybus completes the framing of his fantail woodblock . This one of two framed prints Don has completed as specials gifts to his young grand daughters.

Selina Chan - Librarian from Henderson.

Selina touching up a set of A4 relief printing presses in the workshop. We are assembling 15 presses in this batch.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Highbury Award

The colour of the flash in the middle of the Maori design art work needs to be mixed and handpainted into each award. The colours are taken from the colour chart provided by Massey University that show each colour required for the Degree being bestowed on the graduate. This one is 'Tuscan Gold' for a Massey University Degree in Education.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Home Made

'HOME MADE' by Dan. Printed in 2 passes using type and borders from the Homeprint collection.


Henry watching carefully as the cards are placed onto the platen, held by the pins and print the
H O M E     M A D E  set in an old time border.

Close up.

Lovely layout using woodtype and subtle colour to suit the poster and its message.

Tilly holds up poster

Tilly admiring her first poster, letterpress, from the Royal Imperial Flat bed Printing Press.

Leo in training.

Leo negotiating the Brebner Cottage tennis court with his brother Andi and Allison watching. Trainer wheels will be off soon I think as he gains confidence and wants to keep up with his Dad, Russell, a mountain biker.

Andi's Feijoa

Andi gives an idea of scale to the 200 gm Feijoa we picked up from the ground. The Feijoas this year have been 50 % larger than normal in the Homeprint Cottage Organic Garden. Maybe the hotter summer had something to do with it.