Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jana takes photos

Jana set some decorative rule to create a city scape print. I caught her with her camera at the ready. 

Palmerston North Cossie Club visits Homeprint

John congratulates Jack on a fine letterpress printed postcard from the Pearl Platen.

Palmerston North Cossie Club visit Homeprint

Cossie Club members watch carefully how John relocks the type for a postcard to be printed in the pearl platen.

Palmerston North Cossie Club at Homeprint.

Reg James demonstrates the first pull off the Imperial Press. The Cossie Club members enjoy the description Reg is giving.

Palmerston North Cossie Club visit Homeprint.

PN Cossie Club members have a look at some handmade books written, printed, illustrated, and published at Homeprint.

UCOL students binding

Pania returns from an earlier UCOL bookbinding class to complete a special little handbound Journal.

New Home for Muscovy ducks

Robert Grapes and his family introduce the Homeprint Muscovies to their Peking Duck where they will now live.

Homeprint ducklings last day

Last big feed of worms and slaters out of Allisons organic garden compost by the 2 muscovy ducklings.

Air Guitar

Andi Brebner plays air guitar to the sound of  'Split Enz' at the Brebner / Homeprint Cottage.

Womens Life Style Expo, PN

Jana represented Homeprint with class. She engaged visitors to the Expo and showed them the printing, cards, boxes and how to use the Adana Printing Press.

Womens Life Style Expo, PN

Jana folding light card to create impressive boxes.

Womens Life Style Expo. PN

Homeprint table set up with Adana printing Press ready for clients to print their own Mothers Day Cards.