Thursday, October 30, 2014

Anais Bernard - France. 'Artist in residence'

 Here's a herd of bulls.
 Anais works on binding the instruction booklets for the Homeprint A4 relief printing press.
Another herd of bulls.
The eziKut plastic printing plate was carved and printed to display the qualities of line possible using the High grade carving tools. Here you can see a print, a ghost print and the trimmed printing plate in Anais's hand.

Anais Bernard - France 'Artist in Residence'

The trip to Tangimoana resulted in this lovely rendition of the features of this magical place. Smoked kahawai backbone is always a favourite and Anais has illustrated the technique beautifully.
This Journal started off as a slim book with empty pages. After Anais has worked on it with her art works, clippings, attatchments, drawings, diagrams, notes, poems and text it needed some repair! Now strengthened with a dark blue vinyl spine.
Reductive carving and printing displayed in this impressive collage.

Carving techniques explained in this landscape page using eziKut print plate.

Anais Bernard - France 'Artist in Residence'.

Dry point by Anais on PVC about the birds eye view of  Homeprint.

 Anais made a watercolour of the back garden looking down to the Brebner Cottage.

A dry point print is handpainted by Anais to add to her Travel Journal.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cliff Whitings exhibition

Gary Whiting  set up this exhibition of his father's lino prints at the Women's life Style Expo in Palmerston North. Panorama view, Paikea series,  Hatupatu series, some  sea food gathering prints out of the 8 available. These prints have all been printed by John Brebner at Homeprint.

Francois catches herring.

In our WWOOFing programme at Homeprint, Allison and I are keen to share our knowledge of organic gardening, food gathering as well as teaching creative skills using the large collection of 'Book Art' equipment. Here we have driven the 35 minutes out to Tangimoana, where the Rangitikei River meets the sea. We often catch kahawai or yellow eyed mullet. These two fish are usually around 2 kg and make a wonderful healthy meal. Egg and bread crumb fillets and smoked back bone are the main ways we prepare this sweet, fresh, fish for tea.



Clara Enel shoots digital camera in Printery.

Clara roams around the printery looking for visuals to reflect the old handcraft nature of the Homeprint Studio.


Clara sorts through some cases of woodtype to find the fonts she likes and the letters she needs.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

eziKut plates

The eziKut printing plates.  A stack of new plate and a little completed carving.So easy to carve with sharp tools. Inks up very well, prints perfectly and cleans up with a damp cloth if you are using water based inks. Just dry off with a piece of newsprint and roll on a new colour.

eziKut printing

More successful images from the eziKut carvings.

eziKut printing

Popular design. Sold very well in quite a range of colours and combinations.

eziKut printing

The eziKut plates are so easy to carve with the Japanese carving tools that I import. Talented members of WAI have drawn onto the eziKut plate with a pencil, carved using the 'High grade' v tools, inked up and printed onto a variety of fabrics. The fabric pieces were then ironed and sewn into cushions. The cushions have been presented on display at the Palmerston Noorth City Library and sold for $40 as fundraising for the upcoming exhibition by the artists.

Transfer printing

I promised to carry out a test of transfer printing for St Mary's College.
The results were clear. I used my hp inkjet printer to produce some images onto photocopy paper.
I then tried two different techniques. One, I sprayed the image with the cleaner and put it through the yellowXpress 5000 onto art paper. Two, I soaked the art paper with a spray of the cleaner and applied pressure with the yellowXpress 5000 onto the image. To help the contact I used a rubber blanket between the paper and the bed of the press.
From the results you can see the Glass cleaner 'Mr Muscle', was probably the best followed by the 'Green Works', followed by 'Eco Citris'.  The whiteboard cleaner was useless!
This process needs gives a mirror image and needs to have the student apply further techniques such as drawing, painting, or printmaking into the work to make it their own.

Gary Whiting

Do you think there's enough light in here?  Gary checking on details for taking photos of Cliffs prints.

Gary Whiting

Gary sets up the focus on his digital camera to record the latest lino carved print I have printed for his father, Cliff Whiting.

Cyril Whiteoak

The Cyril Whiteoak English country side water colour painting after I framed it.

Cyril Whiteoak

A farm painting by Cyril Whiteoak.

Cyril Whiteoaks bridge painting ready for framing

Cyril Whiteoak's painting of a bridge in a sunset.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jana takes photos

Jana set some decorative rule to create a city scape print. I caught her with her camera at the ready. 

Palmerston North Cossie Club visits Homeprint

John congratulates Jack on a fine letterpress printed postcard from the Pearl Platen.

Palmerston North Cossie Club visit Homeprint

Cossie Club members watch carefully how John relocks the type for a postcard to be printed in the pearl platen.

Palmerston North Cossie Club at Homeprint.

Reg James demonstrates the first pull off the Imperial Press. The Cossie Club members enjoy the description Reg is giving.

Palmerston North Cossie Club visit Homeprint.

PN Cossie Club members have a look at some handmade books written, printed, illustrated, and published at Homeprint.

UCOL students binding

Pania returns from an earlier UCOL bookbinding class to complete a special little handbound Journal.

New Home for Muscovy ducks

Robert Grapes and his family introduce the Homeprint Muscovies to their Peking Duck where they will now live.

Homeprint ducklings last day

Last big feed of worms and slaters out of Allisons organic garden compost by the 2 muscovy ducklings.

Air Guitar

Andi Brebner plays air guitar to the sound of  'Split Enz' at the Brebner / Homeprint Cottage.