Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tranzit 'Hands On Tour'

The Masterton members of the Tranzit Travel Club in their coach, ready for some printing.

Tranzit 'Hands On Tour'

Reg demonstrates to some of the Trazit members how to take a print from the 180 year old, Imperial Flat bed printing Press.

Tranzit 'Hands On Tours'

Bus driver helps Travel Club member place her postcard onto the gauge pins ready to print.

Tranzit 'Hands On Tour'.

Members of the Masterton Travel Club are selecting large wood  type to print their poster.

Tranzit Tour

Three ladies from the Masterton Travel Club sit with their 2 colour postcards.

Tranzit 'Hands On Tour'

Noeline is very proud of her 2 colour postcard and letterpress name poster she has produced. Reg is giving her encouragement to show the camera.

Gold Blocking

The gold foil practice runs for the illumination of a handmade journal. The journal has 5 sections of 20 pages, using Eden Grove Bond,  90 gsm, laid paper. The cover is heavy boot leather with a natural brown dyed  surface. Flax paper end papers handmade by Andrew Reilly at Tenax Papers. The blocking press is a 100 year old, gas portals coverted to electric, MACKAY, Bristol, no3.

Duncan Hill

In the foreground the ink is rolled out on the glass sheet.  The 400mm x 1500mm etching press by the door. Duncan used 3 blankets, 2 felt and one synthetic rubber.

Duncan Hill

Duncan making a few carving improvements on the 400mm x 760mm woodblock (printing plate).

Duncan Hill

'Stop Spying On Me' poster.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shiree loves her new press.

The Manuka Machine Company has delivered the superb 450mm x 1200mm Rolls Royce of etching presses. The stand is the latest design Edward has built and comes with a handy shelf, 4 wheels (2 locking)
The bed is phenolic and will not rust or bow under pressure. We rolled the press up the ramp, across the art room and into the print room in a flash.
So stable and so powerful.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ade and Jill Walcroft.

Ade and Jill have the Pearl Platen humming along to print the solarplate block 'Cartwheel Creamery' and hand print onto 250 brown paper bags.

Ade and Jill Walcroft

Ade and Jill have a dream of establishing the 'Cartwheel Creamery' to produce high quality soft cheeses from local organic milk.

Mark Twain says!

Mark Twain was a creative thinker who makes all of us think about aspects of life long past Mark's time on earth. Dan Fyles handset and printed this.

Dan Fyles

Inking on the diagonal to proof the text on the Imperial Flat Bed press.

Palmerston North City Library workshop.

Striking the glue down onto the edge of the board and covering the book cloth gives a secure fixing when the book cloth is pulled over and smoothed down.

Palmerston North City Library

Folding over the glued book cloth to the boards. I teach the head, tail first then glue the 2 x fore edges, tucking in the corners with your right and left thumb nails.

Palmerston North City Library

Gluing down the 12mm paper spine before glueing the front and back boards. EVA glue ensures a great bond.

Palmerston North City Library

Using bamboo paper folders we folded the 2 end papers and the 4 sets of 5 sheets of Eden Grove, 90 gsm, watermarked paper.