Sunday, May 29, 2011

Neil Stevenson, a WWOOFer from Toronto

Allison and Neil try out the kit-set raised garden beds before installation.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Marty Vreede 2nd year fine art class

Marty Vreede, from Taupo School of Fine Arts Wanganui, visiting Homeprint with 12 of his handpicked 2nd year students. John offered a selection of over 50 fonts of antique woodtype for students to experiment with. Make words, make patterns, overprint, emboss, have fun.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Leo goes for a spin.

Allison watches as Leo goes for a spin with Russell on his mountain bike. Russell's head lamp showing the way.

Highbury Award

These relief prints have been pulled from the Hunters Proof Press. I made the solarplate from art work supplied by a Massey University Artist 5 years ago. After inking and printing onto A3, 300 gsm Incisioni paper I then set type and emboss the name of the Award Winner and the name of the degree that has been won. The next step is to hand colour each print with the colour of that particular degree. To finish off the presentation, I frame the print with a black mat and a black wooden frame.

Monty's Surprise

Our first crop of 4 huge apples from the 'Montys Surprise'. This fruit fell off the little tree in the wind and it weighed in at 565 gms or 1lb 4oz. According to the supplier this apple was discovered up the Whanganui River and is estimated to be 100 years old and has been tested to be 4 times more beneficial than the next best apple in regard to its anti cancer properties.(Quercetin glycosides)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Neil Stevenson, a WWOOFer from Toronto

Neil Stevenson has invited Jeanette Jenson to have a look over Homeprint with the view to bringing her Probus Group for a 'Hands On Tour'. While we were walking in the organic garden the Freight Truck arrived with a pallet of paper from the warehouse. Wow that was quick, I only ordered it yesterday!