Friday, July 2, 2010

Allison making paper with Korea's National Treasure.

This traditional method of making paper has been handed down from generation to generation by this wonderful family who now continue the craft and demonstrate to thousands of visiting craftspeople, artists and tourists. The two sons are now carrying on the bulk of the work while their father is available to assist and demonstrate.

Cliff Whiting's lino carving for Hatupatu.

This intricate lino carving depicting Hatupatu killing Kurangaituku's pets.

Hatupatu killing Kurangaituku's pets

Closer look at the print .

Hatupatu killing Kurangaituku's pets

This relief print was printed on Homeprint's 8 ton relief press the yellowXpress 8000 on dampened 310 gsm incisioni paper using Nova 'green' oil based ink made in Germany.
This print was exhibited at the famous Maori Art Fair in Porirua.