Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hide Journals from Homeprint

This hide journal has 160 pages of Eden Grove Laid paper, 90 gsm, 10 sections and 2 flax end papers hand sewn with Coates barbour .
The hide (men's boot grade)  is from the Tasman Tannery, Wanganui. I have blocked the word 'Journal' in silver foil. The natural skin has a tanning mark on the edge that I have featured.

Homeprint Hide Journals

This hide note book was made by Debra. She sewed the 10 sections, sewed the flax end papers, trimmed the shape of  hide and chose the dome closure. I made an impression in the leather using a piece of lead ornament from the letterpress collection.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Riverdale School Book Making group

The students have folded their chosen end paper (card), folded with bamboo folder, now gluing onto the front and back of the section. Pressure is applied by pressing down while leaning over the pages and pushing with the heel of your hand.

Riverdale School Book Making group

'Here is my sewing.' The knot is tied in the middle and you can bend the pages to have the knot showing on the inside or hidden on the spine.

Riverdale School Book Making Group

The students were set the task of folding their paper with a bamboo folder. This gives a sharp strong edge on the spine. After folding, 12 sheets are tucked into each other,  that becomes a section. The section is then drilled with a brad awl 3 times and the pages sewn and tied in the middle.