Thursday, April 29, 2010

9 special picture frames

Its time to pack up the 9 different picture frames Leahlani has designed. We used pine framework, tapered to specification and with a 4.5mm MDF lid glued and screwed and sanded.
I look forward to the email from 'The New Pacific Studio', Mt Bruce, showing me the finished works on exhibition.

Kari with 2 colour print.

Kari found the sun was weak and the aquatint screen did not harden the plate enough, so the plate washed out deeply and gave a relief/intaglio effect. We squeegee ink into the depressions, wipe back carefully, and roll another colour over the top with a hard roller. The result is pleasing.

Kris drawing.

Kris is drawing out an idea on paper before transfer onto the grained glass.

Kari and Kaz both drawing.

Kari and Kaz drawing with the 8046 pencils and brushes, water and black 'Magic Color' at the ready!

Elizabeth looking.

Elizabeth is concentrating on the wet drawing on the grained glass. When it dries out then you decide if its ready to use as the positive transparency for making a solarplate. We expose the art work over solarplate for 1min 30 sec under UV light. Next we expose the plate covered by aquatint screen for another 1 min 30 sec. The fine squiggles of the aquatint screen provide tooth for the ink.

Hester drawing on glass

The special pencil, recommended by Dan Welden, is the Stabilo 8046 aquarellable watercolour pencil. It blocks out the UV beautifully dry, and if you add water, can be used as a wash.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grained glass prints by John Denton.

The grained glass original drawings are in the foreground and some of the early prints spread out to compare results using wet / dry, Recycled paper/ incisioni, yellowXpress 5000 / Manuka etching press.

Grained Glass/Solarplate Workshop

John Denton carefully pulls a print off the solarplate created using a grained glass drawing.
A series of about 10 prints were made by John using the yellowXpress 5000 and a combination of wet and dry paper. The papers were Homeprint recycled white and Incisioni 220gsm

Grained Glass Workshop at Toi Poneke.

Basia and Jane drawing and painting on their grained glass in preparation for making a solarplate at the whole day workshop with John Brebner at Fiona Sullivan's Artsight Studio in Wellington.

Allison and Ruby at Tangimoana.

Allison and Ruby making a line of sandcastles at the beach.

Another kahawai.

While Sue and Piikea were visiting Whakatane we took Ruby to Tangimoana which is the Rangitikei river mouth going into the Tasman sea. This is our favourite place to take in fresh air, search for treasures on the driftwood line, watch the sea, the sky and surf cast for kahawai.
The kahawai is a fighting fish and called sea trout in Australia. This one was 2 kilos or just over 5 lb. it provided 3 delicious meals. The scraps joining the compost for the garden.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ruby Clark's holiday painting.

Ruby worked on this lovely painting on and off throughout her first term holiday. It stands on an easel in Sue's studio. In the background you can see a relief carving by Piikea Clark.

Sue Pearson working in her P.N. studio

Sue has just pulled this print from her Vreede etching press. The plate was a piece of mat board with surface decoration, collaged materials and with a coated surface that has been inscised.
The ink was laid on and rubbed off with mull and expertise.

Allison's handkie project for her Dad.

There will be 14 handkies in the artist book for the Australian exhibition in June. This is one of the examples and has knots tied in the corner as a sun protector for her Dad who was a builder and worked outside in the mid 20th century.

Allison's handkie project for Eva.

The set of handkies with keepsakes of Eva's were placed into this blue box in preparation for a book art 'Handkie' exhibition in Australia.

David walking up.

David Sloan walking up to practice ball on the 11th on Monday night.

Feilding Golf, Pine tree down.

Feilding golf club, Tuesday April 27th, pine tree down on Monday night. Sunrise red and orange and yellow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Dark Forest' by Monica Oppen

This powerful artist book has just arrived as a gift from Monica. The pages are loose but beautifully bound in a black slip case with a red lining. Monica has used laser printing, solarplate, painting, handwritten text and letterpress printing to produce this stunning book. Our copy is number 8 of an edition of 10. A new treasure in our artist book collection.

The River

Monica Oppen has illustrated this striking limited edition book on 'the river' and the life beside and beyond. Text by Peter Lyssoitis, photographs by Monica.

Australian Book Arts Journal

Linda Douglas has just edited and published this Book Arts Journal for the artist book community. Issue 1 April 2010. There are a range of interviews, articles, profiles, book reviews, opportunities and contacts for the book art community. Thanks to Monica Oppen who has just sent us a couple of copies to spread the word in New Zealand.

Highbury Scholarship Award

The negative transparency has been used to create the relief solarplate image from art work provided. Relief printing onto Fabriano 300 gsm paper was completed on the Hunters flat bed proof press (circa 1910) in the Homeprint Book Art Studio. Watercolour swatches for the final detail are proofed for approval. The colour matches the colour of the particular Massey University Degree.

Highbury Scholarship Committe

Milli, Kayrn and Pete meet at Homeprint for discussion with John Brebner on the Highbury Scholarship special Art Print Award.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blind Embossing and Typhoon painting at UR

The blind embossing by John and Allison Brebner sits beside a large painting called 'Typhoon' by David Brebner in Allison's new office.

Seagull painting, Squall and Mt Taranaki screenprint.

One large painting of a seagull by David Brebner and 2 screenprints by Michael Smither exhibited in the small meeting room of UR.

Unlimited Realities new wing.

John Brebner has the task of refreshing art works in the old wing of UR and exhibit a new set of paintings, prints and photographs in the new wing. In the final count there are 40 works on exhibition in the new wing in time for the April Board Meeting. The paintings have been created by David Brebner, the screenprints by Michael Smither, photographs by Paul Gummer and the multimedia prints by John and Allison Brebner.

John Clark with his helicopter.

John Clark shows me the model he made with his Lego. It had a number of special features that John had created. It was John's 10th birthday and David and I also had our birthdays at a similar time so we shared a lovely meal at China Town.

TJ makes solarplate

T.J. makes solarplate for embossing special presentation sheets. In the Homeprint Studio John tutors TJ how to prepare a solarplate from his printed image. First a negative transparency is placed over the solarplate. 2 minutes exposure in UV light, wash out in water then 10 minutes exposure to UV to harden the plate. Now its ready for blind embossing or printing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Leahlani measures up for the picture frame project.

Leahlani has big plans for a series of different frames with different sizes and different thicknesses for an upcoming exhibition. We popped down to Bunnings to buy the timber, glue and 4.5mm MDF for the workshop later in the week. It will be cutting and sanding for John and nailing, glueing and painting for Leahlani.

Ade Beech using the A4 relief press.

Ade Beech spends one hour from John tutored on how to use the A4 relief press from Homeprint. We drew onto polyplate with pencil, 'pencil carving', printed 4 copies in yellow waterbased ink, drew more detail, and overprinted in red. This produced a handsome 2 colour textured print ready to frame. Ade is now on her way back to the Massey University Preschool Centre to convince the buying panel to buy a press!

Tamsin and Niels with Brian Kouvelis.

Allison chats to Brian, Niels and Tamsin on their tour around the Olive Grove.
What a beautiful meal Margaret cooked for us. The influence of so many brilliant cook books has clearly rubbed off on Margaret. Must be time for her own book. 'Margarets magical food fare'.
Tamsin and Niels Van Ufflen have been planning to enjoy a meal with Margaret & Brian and Allison & John for a couple of years. It has happened.
With Tamsin's and Niels special news. A new family member due in a few months! Congratulations!

Ruby Clark opening coloured beans from Allisons organic garden.

Ruby helping Allison opening beautifully coloured beans from Allison's organic garden.

Piilea Clark in tune with his ukulele.

Piikea has a quiet practice with the little red ukulele in preparation for the International Ukulele Orchestra Concert at the Regent Theatre in Palmerston North.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Solomon Island Printmakers workshop at Pataka.

Solomon Island printmakers, their wives and the Pataka Staff have a final group photo at the farewell.
One of Ralph's beautiful carvings of a Kiwi on display in foreground.
Ralph is preparing paper in the background and Alola is showing the 3 colour MDF print.
The carvers were each delighted to receive a set of Japanese carving tools from Rhys (Pataka) and the 2 custom made carving tools from me.
Relief prints made by the Solomon Island Carving group. These prints are printed onto paper they have made back in their village using banana leaves.

Eva from the YMCA Holiday Programme at Homeprint.

Eva rolls out her blue ink ready to ink up her type.

Holiday Programme for the YMCA Teenagers set large wooden letters to make their name and print on the Imperial Press.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

John Brebner with the Imperial Press at Homeprint.

John standing with the Royal Imperial Flatbed Press (circa 1828) and the latest set of solaplates made from Michael Smither felt tip drawings.

Steve Scott Engineer (Stationary motor expert)
Steve Scott considering next measurement as he fits the new tympan and frisket to the Imperial Press.
In the background there are a herd of new yellowXpress 5000 printing presses.,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Emily and Chris's last day WWOOFing at Homeprint.

The Homeprint Book Arts Centre kitchen with the WWOOFer books, letterpress printing, visitor books ready for signing.
Chris and Emily's printing from the Imperial press and the Pearl Platen.
Emily printing her postcard on the Pearl Treadle Platen Press (Golding Company, Boston, USA.
1906) Using two different card stocks ready to Post to her friends and family back in Canada and USA.