Saturday, April 10, 2010

Solomon Island Printmakers workshop at Pataka.

Solomon Island printmakers, their wives and the Pataka Staff have a final group photo at the farewell.
One of Ralph's beautiful carvings of a Kiwi on display in foreground.
Ralph is preparing paper in the background and Alola is showing the 3 colour MDF print.
The carvers were each delighted to receive a set of Japanese carving tools from Rhys (Pataka) and the 2 custom made carving tools from me.
Relief prints made by the Solomon Island Carving group. These prints are printed onto paper they have made back in their village using banana leaves.

Eva from the YMCA Holiday Programme at Homeprint.

Eva rolls out her blue ink ready to ink up her type.

Holiday Programme for the YMCA Teenagers set large wooden letters to make their name and print on the Imperial Press.

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