Monday, January 24, 2011

Cliff Whiting - lino print

'Hatupatu and the killing of Kurangaituku' is a large relief print from a lino carving by Cliff Whiting. Printed by John at Homeprint.


  1. the use of personal stories, makes the print that much more special

  2. Thanks John - I am going to refer to Cliff Whiting and this image next week when I am teaching art next week at Bradford primary school.

    1. How did the class go?
      That is an awsome print. Sold one last week to a client in Napier. He bought 4 prints from the gathering seafood series as well.Sending off some solarplate to Anna Nelson as she is looking forward to a workshop with you at the Hutt Art Society. Merry Xmas.

  3. Thanks John, Merry Xmas to you. Preparing for the Wellington class now. (Was ust checking into Homeprint for your contact details so I can put you on the suppliers list I give the students. The Bradford School teaching was amazing, very responsive pupils, I wanted to stay forever...but rather tiring, I am not used to the energy of little dynamos.