Monday, February 7, 2011

Relief Print Press from Homeprint

The A4 lever press is sold with 2 felt blankets and an instruction booklet. The order of operation is to open up the press, place the inked up lino carving in the middle of the bed. Lay a piece of paper on top of the carving. Lay the best number of blankets on top of the paper. Swing the platen over with the lever at about 30 to 35 degrees, and push down on the black cap of the lever. Swing the platen open, peel off the blankets, peel off the lino print!

1 comment:

  1. a great idea
    how much would this retail for in US dollars or Euros and will you ship overseas to North America or Europe?
    I know many relief printers looking for ways to print beyond hand burnishing but do not have the funds to purchase a large scale platen or roller press. This could be a solution?
    Brian in Canada