Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Homeprint Journal production

On a work table in the Homeprint Studio we see some stacks of 500 sheets of 'Eden Grove Laid' 90 gsm paper. This is some of the last paper produced by a 180 year old paper mill in Scotland. The watermark has a picture of a crown and the words 'Eden Grove Bond'. The paper is really lovely to work with and I am in the process of making 200 or so journals with plain paper  and a wide variety of endpapers, chapter dividers, and covers. This particular set is for a visitors book and has 5 sections of 5 leaves folded. This means 100 pages. On the table you can see a section wrapped with 100 year old facsimile steel engravings from a pictorial encyclopedia.
On the other side of the table is my latest UV light box called 'Sun Strike". It has 6 UV tubes and will harden solarplate or photopolymer emulsion for creating art works.

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