Sunday, September 28, 2014

Transfer printing

I promised to carry out a test of transfer printing for St Mary's College.
The results were clear. I used my hp inkjet printer to produce some images onto photocopy paper.
I then tried two different techniques. One, I sprayed the image with the cleaner and put it through the yellowXpress 5000 onto art paper. Two, I soaked the art paper with a spray of the cleaner and applied pressure with the yellowXpress 5000 onto the image. To help the contact I used a rubber blanket between the paper and the bed of the press.
From the results you can see the Glass cleaner 'Mr Muscle', was probably the best followed by the 'Green Works', followed by 'Eco Citris'.  The whiteboard cleaner was useless!
This process needs gives a mirror image and needs to have the student apply further techniques such as drawing, painting, or printmaking into the work to make it their own.

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