Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hans Muhlethaler, retired printer from Switzerland.

 Hans is a tireless worker and loves his printing. I asked Hans to experiment with a new product I have sourced from the building and sign industry. Its a polystyrene derivative that is light weight, easy to carve and print. Hans has had a lifetime career in the printing industry in both New Zealand and Switzerland. Now its time to have fun in his retirement and learn and practice more techniques in
printmaking. Hans is famous in his home town where he shares his joy of art in general and printmaking in particular with his community. He has been responsible for the exhibition of some very fine art exhibitions in his town.  
 The examples here are 2 dry point examples and a carving. The dry points have been inked up using a dolly and the carving inked up with a roller.
These prints show a range of experiments with colour, backgrounds and dry point prints over the top.

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