Friday, May 21, 2010


I prepared photo emulsion on a screen using the 2 part Fotolac 49, then applied the emulsion with the coating trough. My exposure test in stages of 2 minutes for 2 to 14 minutes. Using my sunbed studio UV light box. I let the screen dry off in the darkroom then used the garden hose to wash out. Unfortunately nothing washed out so I used the waterblaster and carefully worked up the screen and was successful in the test up to the 8 minute mark. Then the emulsion was stubborn. I was very pleased with the image on the screen, it was very detailed and looked very like the 4 photograhic images (negatives) that I used.


  1. Nice information, I really appreciate the way you presented.

  2. Thanks John - I have just purchased some of this emulsion and am about to try it - I like the idea of having a clear screen. Guess I will have to do a timing test too. have you had success with it since? I just put a query on my facebook page - then did a Google and your blog post came up.

  3. Hi John - I finally tried the clear emulsion and I like it! I only needed 1 minute exposure time - perfect result. Warm water helps wash emulsion off too but I have resorted to the water blaster on occasion too. Re reading your notes above it sounds as if you exposed your screen wet or am I understanding this incorrectly? I dry mine in a dark place for 24 hours, then expose to light box.

  4. Hi Lynn,
    I dry the screen off in the darkroom before exposure.
    I was lucky to catch this comment. Have started looking at days hits, where, when and what on the google screen.
    Hope you had a good easter, I'm making Journals, have just made 20 xjars of blackcurrent jam, Allison is making health bars with sunflower seed butter, yum.