Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tims Schnitzel.

Tim has cooked up a beautiful meal from Berlin, schnitzel with a mushroom gravy and baked potatoes with rosemary..


  1. hmmm, Jaegerschnitzel. Lecker!

    hope you all well! still remember my wwoofing days with you guys. one of my most treasured memories and experiences here in New Zealand. thank you john & allison.

  2. Hi Cornelia,
    Tim left us today. He stayed longer than expected because he had this idea for a book. 31 pages, hand printing 8 copies!
    We helped him finish it and I sent a copy to the Alexander Turnbull Library for copyrite.
    Yes we too remeber your stay and visit with us. Our friends in PN are due to go to Whakatane in another month or so. We expect to contact you and make a visit to see you while we are over that way.
    We have another friend who has just built a house in Rotorua and they want us to stay as well!
    I'm sure we will see you before the year is out.