Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Allison and John explain their artist books.

Allison and John at their artist book stand in Seongnam City (Korea) 2008, at the International Artist Book Exhibition. On the perspex shelves behind the table there are many of John and Allison's 100 artist books on display. We were very busy for all of the hours we manned the display in between being taken to famous places of significance by the Fairs organisers, Narae Kim and our interpreter Sunny.

Old Awahuri Home

The Awahuri Home. I have just discovered this beautiful old building in Awahuri has finally collapsed and been removed. The house has been a local tourist spot for at least the last 30 years and has fallen to the wind, rain, summer heat, and frosty evenings. It inspired a writer from Palmerston North, Mr Phil Collins, to research the history and produce a fine little book about the owners over the last 120 years. I am going to send the file to my friend Ged at Screenprinting Services and have some copies of the photo reproduced on canvas.

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