Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jo Melville visits the Homeprint Book Art Centre

'Spot' is the acrylic painting by David Brebner ($3500) with a litho called 'Spot' of a girl holding an outsize Monarch Caterpillar. These works a part of a group show by David, Cliff Whiting, Michael Smither, Paul Gummer and John and Allison Brebner.

Jo Melville visits
Jo Melville has just returned from Australia having trained as an Art Therapist. She is keen to use printmaking techniques and gather ideas and equipment from Homeprint to help her with teaching children and adult classes. Here, Allison is showing her a copy of 'Skim' and had just shown her an acrylic painting of a monarch butterfly painted by David Brebner.

Allan Harnett's Oamaru Stone Sculpture.

Allan Harnett's Oamaru stone carving of an octopus, 'Wheke'. This carving is about 600 mm wide, 450 mm high and 380 mm deep. The price is $3500. This piece is among a set of 16 stone carvings available from Allan or through me at Homeprint Gallery.

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